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Lighting and HVAC 80%

Lighting and HVAC can contribute up to 80% of commercial energy consumption
US Department of Energy

HVAC 40%

20-40% of HVAC is attributed to excessive lighting
US Energy Information Administration

Wasted Lighting 50%

40-50% of lighting is wasted
Rocky Mountain Institute and US Energy Information Administration

Plug and Process Loads


Account for 33% of US Commercial Building Electrical consumption
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Take Action

Adding the ability to control lighting when a building is not occupied can reduce lighting costs by 50%
Adura Technologies

See the Savings


Effective facility management can reduce lighting and HVAC costs from $2.00 square ft to $1.00 – $1.40 square ft
Enocean Alliance

Adding the ability to control Process and Plug Loads will contribute significantly to these savings