The AccelTex Solutions EnergyLynk Light/Load Controller installs into commercial building loads, including lights, plugs and other energy consuming devices.  It’s connected through Wi-Fi to your enterprise network and allows instantaneous measurement of the energy consumption by device.

Through EnergyLynk Cloud Manager, your IT and Facilities staff can review consumption and set policy to realize your energy management goals.

EnergyLynk Client

802.11b/g/n clients installed in your building


Fully Integrates into EnergyLynk client for controller activation

LED Retrofit Kits

Upgrade existing Ballasts and Bulbs to Energy Efficient LED bulbs and Dimmable Drivers

Wi-Fi Network

Clients and Energy Management Platform Communicate via your existing Wi-Fi network

Management Platform

Set policy, control clients and view energy usage

EnergyLynk Network Topology