Digital Sensors

The AccelTex Solutions EnergyLynk digital sensor is used to monitor occupancy, motion and daylight. The occupancy, motion and light levels measured by the sensor are sent to the EnergyLynk light/load controller and that information is then utilized to control lights and loads. The solution can be used in conjunction with policy settings to further realize energy savings while allowing additional features such as walk through dimming, auto on/off and daylight harvesting.


  • Features

    Occupancy/Motion Sensing: Used to detect occupancy and motion to control light and loads. The EnergyLynk controller sends commands to turn on/off, brighten and dim based on occupancy.
    Daylight Harvesting Photosensor: Used to measure current light levels in order to control lights and loads. The EnergyLynk controller then sends commands to brighten or dim lights based on available daylight.
    Software Control: Robust interface allows the user to customize settings and functionality to meet their unique needs.
    Cloud Management : Centralized control for easy management, configuration and support.

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AccelTex Solutions EnergyLynk products are covered by a 1-year Limited Warranty.

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